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The map below highlights some of the locations where deBarr has executed any number of projects.

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The following table shows some of the more relevant projects performed by deBarr throughout the years.

Start YearEnd YearProject DescriptionClient / CustomerCityCountry
20222022Verification of pending EMS/OTS SAT issues and conduction of a short SAT test to demonstrate and verify the extended ED functionalities added to support up to 10 gas and 3 steam turbines in a combine cycle blockEWECAbu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates
20222022On-site training in an NM10.3 SCADA/EMS system installed in Västerås, Sweden for Delta Regional Control Center (Egypt)HITACHI ENERGY SWEDENVästeråsSweden
20222022EMS Tuning Workshop, SAT for EMS-OTS applications, Operator training courses for EMS applications and Trainer course for OTS – all in a NM9.2 system installed in Canal Regional Control CenterCANRCCIsmailiaEgypt
20222022NM200 Training (Database Editing NM10) Mazoon Electricity Company (Oman)HITACHI ENERGY SWEDENVästeråsSweden
20222022Course NM220 Data Requirements for SCADA NM10 for Elsewedy Electricity Company (Cairo, Egypt)HITACHI ENERGY SWEDENVästeråsSweden
20222022On-site training in a NM9.2 SCADA-GMS-EMS system installed and ready for cut-overAZERENERJIBakuAzerbaijan
2022OngoingTechnical Support for Prequalification, Request for Proposal and Bid Evaluation for the Procurement Packages associated with Guyana Electricity Smart Future - GESF project -
Smart Grids for GPL network
20222022Preparation of a procedure and ad-hoc tools development for the migration of UDW existing data to a OSIsoft PI SystemCWENew JerseyUnited States
20222022AGC tuning and database update activities related to the AGC – Automatic Generation Control functionETESAPanama CityPanama
2022OngoingEngineering services to be executed in the NM 9.0 system of NV Energiebedrijven EBS EPAR (SCADA database configuration, modification of ARTC calculatios, display update, EMS tuning, etc.)EBSParamariboSuriname
20222022Provide HITACHI ENERGY with support services for a series of varied activities regarding the COPEL SCADA/EMS projectCOPELCuritibaBrazil
20212021Cross-Referencing of a series of requirement tables, with their corresponding HAPG TP (Test Procedures), with the intention to validate that these requirements are properly met as part of the SAT (Site Acceptance Test).COPELCuritibaBrazil
2021OngoingConsultancy support to ETP-UNOPS management with the goal of supporting the project supervision for the development of the design and specifications for a new renewable electricity-enabled Java-Bali Grid Control Center and the architectural conceptual design for the two buildings that will host the Main Control Center and the Disaster Recovery CenterPLNJakartaIndonesia
20212021Engineering services in order to establish ICCP communication between the PRD and QAS SCADA systems.COPELCuritibaBrazil
20212021Analysis of the CND-El Coco DNP3.0 Communication Link (contracted through TSK Group Spain)ETESAPanama CityPanama
20222022DMS Advanced Applications Training (UBLF, SCA, LA and other applications).AESSan SalvadorEl Salvador
20212022Expand the WOS interface software for the automatic creation of work orders from the ABB NM SCADA to the EBS WMS system provided by Harris-Cogsdale.EBSParamariboSuriname
20212022Technical Support for the existing NM9 - SCADA-GMS-EMSICESan JoséCosta Rica
20212022The Utility of the future – Case Study - Technologies to Increase Observability and Controllability in Real-Time System Operations.COES/World BankLimaPeru
20212021Development of a solution that favors the efficiency and fluidity of information communication between the Dispatch and other Stakeholders, in order to keep the authorities and the population duly informed in relation to the relevant events that affect the electricity supply. In this way, a software was developed to have timely information on the impact of a fault in terms of disconnection of MW and number of customers of the distribution companies is established (G4 Events).CENSantiagoChile
2022OngoingConsultancy services to improve the knowledge and effective exploitation of the advanced GMS and EMS capabilities of the Network Manager 9.3, considering the base line applications integrated into the existing control centerAMMGuatemala CityGuatemala
2021OngoingProvide remote technical services for activities requiring advanced support such as applications tuning, network and modeling support and custom training.CAMMESARosarioArgentina
20212021Isolation and solution of problems that prevent SCADA/GMS/EMS/OTS application to converge regularly or that have performance issues.UTEMontevideoUruguay
20212021NM SCADA/EMS/OTS Training Services. Provide NM10.3 Training Courses and Workshops in Spanish to engineers and operators in the “train the trainer” version.CENSantiagoChile
20212021Upgrade the custom report applications to be integrated with the NM 10.2 SystemCENSantiagoChile
2021OngoingDevelopment of an integration solution for the Energy Control Center to a standard IoT platform, which allows data exchange and integration in a common semantic model (CIM) and in an ESB business bus environment.ICESan JoséCosta Rica
20212021Technical Support for Updates and Improvements to AGC ReportsCENSantiagoChile
2022OngoingSCADA/EMS/OTS Network Manager TrainingENERSAEntre RíosArgentina
20202021SCADA Training, SCADA Support Services and Database Conversion SupportEDERSARío NegroArgentina
20202020TOR Revision and Knowledge Transfer for PLN. Assist in the preparation for the terms of an “Expression of Interest from the Consultants” as part of a prequalification process to shortlist the number of consultants to be invited for the tender process.PLNJakartaIndonesia
20202021Consultancy to teach a course
Control of Generation- Transmission in Real Time and Management of Non-Conventional Renewable Energies from an Energy Control Center
UTNuevo CuscatlánEl Salvador
20202020Marketing Support for PoC (Proof of Concept) of
the Network Manager System proposed to ENERGISA
ENERGISAMinas GeraisBrazil
20212022Consultancy Services on the Review of System Operations and Dispatch Guidelines - KE-MOE-123697-CS-QCBS (System Adequacy of Operation Facilities and Data Managing)MoE/KPLCNairobiKenya
20202020SCADA/EMS Support/Security ServicesETESAPanama CityPanama
20202020Display Building, Historian Conversion and Training of the new ABB SCADA/EMS System.CAMMESARosarioArgentina
20202020Consulting Services for System SupportCENSantiagoChile
20202020SCADA/EMS TrainingCOPELCuritibaBrazil
20202020Integration Support and TrainingEDENORBuenos AiresArgentina
20202020SCADA/OMS Interface Development for BR ABBEDENORBuenos AiresArgentina
20202020EMS/AGC TuningAMMGuatemala CityGuatemala
20202020SCADA/EMS Training/SupportCENACEQuitoEcuador
20202020SCADA/EMS WorkshopsICESan JoséCosta Rica
20192019Advanced Situational Awareness Course for Control Center OperatorsUTSan SalvadorEl Salvador
20192019Development of Technical Auditing to CRIE as per EOR request. The purpose of the audit was to evaluate the reliability and security of the corporate and informatic systems of the SCADA/EMS control center.EORSan SalvadorEl Salvador
20192020IDB - Consultancy for SCADA-EMS services related to tthe proper use of the available systems and Operator Training. Desing and Implementation of the SCADA department. 12 men/month of site services.GPLGeorgetownGuyana
20192021Provide ABB-NM a package of services comprising data base conversion, partial display creation and building, display style guide, base case preparation, historical data extraction migration for 10 years, and support for shared activities such as calculations and the integration of the application "Orders and Novelties" and a full training program.CAMMESARosarioArgentina
20192019Network Manager 400 (ODBC and NMDBSAPI programming for the NM System), Network Manager 410 (Programming with DAIS, HDAIS and DAIS AE) courses and OP2DAIS gateway configuration for CEN (Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional), in Santiago, Chile.
Advanced tuning of EMS applications (SE-SA-DPF) and Smart tabulars design using NMTAB application of ABB
20182018ADMS-SCADA train the trainers advanced course for SCADA and ADMS applications including ICCP, UBLF, Fault location, Optimal circuit reconfiguration, etc.AESSan SalvadorEl Salvador
20182019World Bank - AGC Implementation feasibility Study to support the Renewable generation expansion for year 2021 and 2025.CAMMESARosarioArgentina
20182019Development of a Work Order Application Programming Interface for EBS (Energie Bedrivjen Suriname) in order to automatically notify the WMS (Workforce Management System) via REST messages every time an abnormal condition triggers an alarm in a certain power system equipment.EBSParamariboSuriname
20182018Training series for Operators and Engineers in the enhanced monitoring and security applications capabilities of the recently upgraded SCADA/EMS systems provided by ABB (NM6.0 to NM9.2)CELEC/TRANSELECTRICQuitoEcuador
20182018Technical assistance and consulting services for National Dispatch Center CND-ETESA Panama, providing an SPL programming language workshop and DCI application workshop.ETESAPanama CityPanama
20182020SCADA database conversion, NM display building, GIS extraction (ESRI) to NM ADMS database, DMS/OMS configuration support, PCU400/ICCP support, reports building.EMCALICaliColombia
20172017Automatic Voltage Control for Renewable Generation using ABB - AGC subsystems - Test - Support and TrainingENEL-EGPNAAndover, MassachusettsUnited States
20172017Installation of a PI historian system, as well as implementation of several custom functionalities for the NM system.ETESAPanama CityPanama
20162017Dispatchers Training Simulator Instructor training and general tuning of State Estimator/Contingency Analysis.CAMMESARosarioArgentina
20162017Transformation of scripts from C language to SPL language in order to carry on start-up and shut-down of generators, as well as HVDC line control and RTU to RTU communication schemes.TRISTATEDenver, ColoradoUnited States
20162017Osisoft PI archive data migration and backfilling.TRISTATEDenver, ColoradoUnited States
20162017AGC implementation on existing SCADA/EMS system to control the country's largest hydro power plants.
General SCADA and RTU communications /protocol tuning.
20162017General SCADA and RTU communications /protocol tuning
Operator Training Simulator training program for 2017 and general tuning for high fidelity simulation.
Historian support.
ETESAPanama CityPanama
20162017Display and Data Base population Training.
Data base migration including SCADA-Generation-Hydro
ICESan JoséCosta Rica
20162017Coordination and Operator Training simulator data bases.
AGC database preparation for integration into currently under development SCADA/AGC-EMS upgrade
20162017Development of Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Hydro plants one line, process control and land base geographical HMI displays.
5 year data recompression for Historian information.
ENEL-EGPNAAndover, MassachusettsUnited States
20162017OMS/DMS Advanced distribution application commissioning including database adjustments (power flow, fault location, restoration analysis).AESSan SalvadorEl Salvador
20162017Historical data compression service for the SCADA System.ENEL-EGPNAAndover, MassachusettsUnited States
20152016AGC feasibility and implementation study including specifications for power generators interface and SCADA/EMS requirements. The project included technical support for generators. Development of statistic reports for SCADA measurements.CDEC-SICSantiagoChile
20152015Operator Training, Reactive Reserve Monitoring and Short Circuit data base preparations.CELEC/TRANSELECTRICQuitoEcuador
20152015AGC implementation design using SCADA/EMS available applications.UTEMontevideoUruguay
20152015Train-the-Trainers courses in OMS/DMS advanced distribution management system.AESSan SalvadorEl Salvador
20152015AGC generator units tuning, Security Applications tuning workshop (state estimator, contingency, load flow, optimal load flow). Historian and SCADA tuning and advanced training.ETESAPanama CityPanama
20152015OTS - Operator Training Simulator advanced tuning.
General Security Applications Tuning.
20152015Specifications, design and development of a SCADA - Historian based Agents information web based system.UTSan SalvadorEl Salvador
20142015Operators training in SCADA/EMS/AGC for NMR System.
On the job training for SCADA systems in Amman, Jordan.
20142015Database conversion from ABB Ranger to ABB NM, Full Training and Commissioning Support of Maari and Rusafa Distribution Control Center.MoE Maari-RusafaBaghdadIraq
20142014Advanced ICCP training for the Baghdad, Bashra control Center (and for several ABB customers)ABBVästeråsSweden
20142014Display style guide and display development for 92 renewal energy plants (wind and solar high complexity displays).ENEL-EGPNAAndover, MassachusettsUnited States
20142014SCADA-EMS-OTS database conversion and SCADA-EMS and Operators/Engineering training.CELEC/TRANSELECTRICQuitoEcuador
20142014SCADA-EMS-OTS database conversion and SCADA-EMS and Operators training.
Engineering training and redesign of HMI interfaces for operators including displays, videowall and display style guide development.
20142014Field implementation support for online commissioning of new SCADA-EMS system. Web based interface with historian system for external agents and management.ETESAPanama CityPanama
20102011Remote Technical SCADA support for 2 Baghdad Control Centers.CRCCBaghdadIraq
20102011Remote Technical SCADA support for the National SCADA-EMS.NDCBaghdadIraq
20102011Patch Management support and NERC-CIP ComplianceABB / OG&EOklahoma City, OklahomaUnited States
20042006Automation Services for Guri Hydroelectric Power Plant (10000MW)ABB / EDELCABolívarVenezuela
20022003Automation Services for Caruachi Hydroelectric Power Plant (2160 MW)APH France / EDELCABolívarVenezuela
19992013SCADA-EMS-OTS database conversion and SCADA-EMS and Operators training.ETESAPanama CityPanama
19992003DMS specifications for 16 distribution control systems, call for bid support, proposal evaluation and provider recommendation.CADAFECaracasVenezuela
19992003Specifications and project companionship until commissioning for the Venezuelan national control center.OPSISCaracasVenezuela
19992003Specifications and project companionship until commissioning for EDELCA's generation control center (over 14000 MW).EDELCACaracasVenezuela
19992013Database preparation, SCADA and EMS application tuning and continuous training and remote support to date.NDCBaghdadIraq
19992013Advanced training, tuning and workshops in SCADA-EMS applications and OTS, for the main control center and 13 regional control centers.CFEMexico CityMexico