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Operational Planning and Modelling of Energy Markets

We conducted studies of operational planning Electric Power Systems which include among others the following activities:

  • Estimates of production costs.
  • Estimating and planning for fuel consumption.
  • Development of compensation schemes for generation services.
  • Research methodology for estimating parameters for reliability analysis of the generation system.

Other studies and simulations carried out to our customers consider the analysis of operational and financial impact of the separation of activities that occur as a result of changes in laws or regulations. These studies have allowed us to analyze the activities of “generation” and “transmission” through the forms of remuneration, “distribution” and “marketing”, under the scenario of holding public and private property.

Many studies of operational planning for the short, medium and long term by using the most advanced tools at the international level has been studied the system of many countries, the optimal use of its available resources, structural constraints and their impact cost, feasible remuneration schemes, analysis of shadow prices of capacity and energy.

The knowledge that has deBarr electric power system and experience of its staff in the area of modeling and implementation of control applications of electric power, analysis of safety (estimate states, load flow, contingency analysis, etc.). and economic operation (BU economic allocation of generation units, and annual programming, etc..), offers consulting services for the design of operating schemes beneficial to the different actors of the electricity market, exploiting the tools “and the peculiarities of each market power.

deBarr has the following computational tools “state of the art” provided by PSR, required to perform studies efficiently, accurately and in a short time:

  • SDDP: For operational planning of electrical power under the criteria of optimum use of energy resources and dispatch a minimum cost..
  • NODAL: For calculation of transmission charges by the nodal method.