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Cybersecurity and Information Technology

In deBarr we develop customized information systems solutions on various platforms.

We develop customized interfaces between SCADA/EMS systems and corporate BMS systems.

Cybersecurity Assessments of Energy Control Centers and compliance with NERC CIP standards, ISO 27002.

As a result of experience, we’ve  developed the following systems which complement the operation management, analysis and planning of energy control centers and other industrial applications: 

  • WEBREPORT: Automatic Reports Publishing System on Web servers from realtime and offline sources
  • INFOELEC: Electrical Assets Information System
  • SAPE: Switching Order Management System
  • SIGAP: Lighting Management System
  • SIGEITER:Distribution Infrastructure used by third parties companies
  • SINUGW: Power Plant Availability Studies
  • SLOGGER: Alarm/Events system
  • LEDMAN: Digital Displays controllers for EMS, SCADA and DMS
  • XFREQ: System Frequency Recorder
  • DEPROYEC: Project Control System

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