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Electric Power Systems, Energy Control Centers and Automation

Energy Control Centers and Automation

We also provide a wide range of services to Energy Control Centers.  Our services include:

  • Control Centers Technology Consulting
  • Technical Review
  • Database Development
  • Technical audits
  • Attendance for FAT/SAT
  • Assistance to the installation and commissioning
  • Application Development
  • Training

We have developed numerous technical specifications based on open systems for SCADA and Centers Power Management (EMS) systems for generation, transmission and distribution.  We have also assisted in the evaluation of suppliers, prequalification, evaluation of tenders and management seeks to control centers.

Other activities include the integration and entry into operation of advanced applications that operate in real time as the state estimator, dispatcher load flow and contingency analysis among others. 

Aware that human resources form part of the monitoring and control system (man-machine-grid), we have integrated methodologies, which are the state of the art Control Centers.  We’ve developed methodologies to standardize the development of displays, reports, alarm management, etc.., Have also developed rules and procedures for the determination of management units in a control center. This allows us to possess a living experience in electrical operations, and specialized in the aspects of the system supervisor that we offer support only in the management control centers.

We designed, developed and implemented programs in real-time monitoring of generation and transmission equipment, and safety applications and optimized power management.  Additionally, we have developed solutions to specific software and hardware for Control Centers. Also with regard to industrial customers and medium-size, deBarr designed and integrated solutions for process control.

Electric Power Systems

In deBarr, for many years, we have provided electric power system consultancy services, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Planning and Design of High, Medium and Low Voltage Electrical Systems
  • Inspection of Electrical Works
  • Electrical Systems Analysis: Load Flow, Short-Circuit Protection Coordination, Grounding
  • Power Quality Studies